About Us

Mr. Pawandeep Singh Honorable Managing Director of This Prestigious driving training School. He took this initiative to make the youth of Punjab and other states to become able to get employment. Students can get Employment In Their Homeland & Abroad as well. Because This is the only Institution which is approved by Govt in the region. Students are presented with Authentic certification by which they can apply and get the Heavy driving license.   


10 Years of Racing History

Ashok Layland 4018

We have Ashok Leyland 4018 Vehicle With Load training. And .  We  have Full   Arrangement of Accommodation and food for the Students.  


J.C.B Training

We have J.C.B Machine as well and we also have Land for Practical training for the machine and the Tralla training. Near Village kaloya.

G.S Car Driving School

Eariler before kalgidhar Heavy Driving School Was Established. Mr. Pawandeep Was Running His Car Driving School By the name of G.S Car Driving School in Tanda 



Just Under The Name Of Kalgidhar Training we Also have Excavator training 

M.D Mr Pawandeep Singh

Founder of Kalgidhar Heavy Driving School

Pawandeep Singh

Pawandeep Singh

Managing Director

Founder Kalgidhar Heavy Driving School

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